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Happily Ever After + Baby!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Hi friends, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jennifer and this is my version of my “HappilyEverAfter.” Here I am, first time new mom to a sixteen month old baby and thinking, “I’m starting to feel more like myself these days.” I have a new identity and want to share my fairytale of being a new mom, wife of almost five years, creating fashion styles for my Princess and I, work life balance, and most importantly, finding those fun adventures with my new little family.

Its been one of my life long dreams in becoming a mother one day and here I am now blessed with a little family I adore with all my heart. Motherhood thus far has shown me who I am and who I want to become. The beginning stages of motherhood did not come easy for me and I’m happy to say I was able to find comfort and healing from not only my spouse, close family and friends but also through mommy and me classes. Before having kids, I didn’t realize how much mom support was out there. I knew moms were great but not until I became a mom myself did I really realize how amazing motherhood is, and I still don’t know how women can make it all work! It’s true, motherhood gives you super powers you didn’t know you had. And I love how there’s so much support with one another through classes, social media and even a “you got this” shout out at the local grocery store. I now see there’s a solid and growing community of moms out there looking for the same support system I was seeking for months. One of my best friends I’ve known since we were three years old, (I know, pretty crazy how long we’ve been friends 😊) started blogging to cope with anxiety and created herself a new community of inspiring friends. Over a Disneyland date, she mentioned, “try it, it’s therapeutic.” I was a bit skeptical since I’m no professional writer nor blogger, and yet here I am finally writing my thoughts and feelings. And you know, my best friend was absolutely right, it does feel therapeutic to put myself in writing. This is the new version of “Me” now with an added important role of Mom Life. I like to think of myself as the old me, just a better version of myself working on balancing my new story.

So here I am no professional writer/blogger however, looking to build my own community of inspiring moms and friends in sharing my next adventures this year with my little family. I have shared stories of my life through social media of my husband and I building our relationship and now sharing our lives with our Little Princess. Photos are my absolute favorite in story telling and I’m excited for the opportunity in getting the courage to now write my growing fairytale adding to my favorite photos. I look forward to sharing my new HappilyEverAfter with my growing community of family and friends.

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