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Let’s Talk About Bows, Baby!

We grow up hearing this phrase often, “Family Is Everything!” The reason I love this phrase is knowing how fortunate I am to have such a loving family. In 2018, our family was blessed with a baby boom. Here i am now with my cousins raising our little toddlers together. Having a little girl has been a dream come true of mine and we get to share fashion together. I love to keep my baby’s fashion fun and yes, girlie. Not only does her outfits have style for days, the most important accessory to complete her look is obviously the cute little piece in her hair, a.k.a, the stylish BOW!

As my family and I navigate our way through motherhood and learn from our babies, my cousin started her own small business. I was very delighted to hear she was going to start a little bow shop since she has a little girl of her own. My cousin Genesis started creating bows last year with her mom and it warmed my heart to see family going into business together creating something special from their hearts. I must tell you friends, Miss Auroras Bows is doing fantastic! The business name comes from my cousin’s baby, Aurora. Social media is a huge game changer for small businesses and of course word of mouth. The shop has reached so many wonderful families dressing the little girls in bows and the little boys in bow ties.

I’m honored my daughter Everly has became a brand rep for the shop and we just adore the different prints, colors and styles. My favorite news I like to share about the collection is the mommy & me sets. This concept alone had me at the word, Sold! I adore matching Everly anytime I can since I know one day she won’t want to match me anymore. So here I am taking it in and matching like crazy with my little princess! It’s amazing to wear my headbands on the go as well as there’s just days I want to pull my hair back and add some cute earrings. These come in handy too when we have our Disney dates! I was most happy when my cousin started a Disney set. Of course we had to buy all prints for those memorable outings. I am very lucky my little one likes to wear her bows even during her first toddler year. There’s so many different sizes and even ones offered with nylon band for extra stretch for their growing little heads. The shop even has ”piggy bows” perfect for a balanced double look. Even the little boy bow ties are fit for those fun special outings coming up this Spring and Summer.

A few family photos from the collection:

As you scroll through your feed and may see several small business shops, please stop by and visit Miss Auroras Bows for your little Princess, Prince, for yourself or even as a gift for someone you love. There’s numerous new styles coming into the collection for Holidays, changing seasons and those fun surprise drops. Please continue to support small businesses especially right now in our given time as I’m extremely proud of my cousin’s business in inspiring others to follow their passion for the love of their family. ❤️

Creator Genesis & Her Daughter Aurora:

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