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My Hidden Gem, TierraAzul

Our new normalcy is kicking in as we begin to see more places open up today from beaches, parks, trails, restaurants in certain counties, hotels opening soon, local stores and malls this week in Los Angeles. In a sense I’m excited to see businesses coming back as they prepare to start up in this new normal. I do want to continue to shop online for essentials and I have appreciated this time in supporting my friends and family members with their small businesses. I have been able to purchase items as home decor, headbands for my daughter supporting great causes and for myself, jewelry and accessories through small businesses. I must tell you I feel so delighted to hear my friends tell me there plans to pursue their dreams of starting up their own business. Its truly an American dream to be able to take those chances in life and follow your passion. I for one, admire anyone who takes the opportunity to make their vision come to life and begin their entrepreneur journey.

I want to share a hidden gem of a shop dear to me as my friend Tony started his own business, TierraAzul last year in September with the dream of creating authentic jewelry pieces from his Mexican roots. With the inspiration of family and friends, he collaborated his efforts with his part owner in providing exclusive pieces. I have always been a girly girl and love delicate jewelry as hearts, bows, and flowers. TierraAzul is unique from my personal style, yet that’s what I love about these collections. There are four collections: The Royals (creator’s favorite), Native Origins, Lost Treasures and Planetary Alignment.  These pieces are personally handcrafted brought to you from destinations that reflect where you want to go. I adore the beauty of Mexico and definitely see the craftmenship in the collections. The first piece I bought was from the Lost Treasure’s collection – El Amanecer necklace with a vibrant turquoise color. As for my most recent purchases, I ordered from the Native Origins collection – Pluma Magica Necklace and Planetary Alignment Collection– Oraculo de Marte necklace and gifted the Saturno bracelet. I got out of my shell and have expanded my own jewelry collection at home with unique pieces since I’ve always liked to accessorize. The details of the handcrafted designs in each piece shows for itself. I personally also love to receive happy mail. The creator sends branded mini jewelry bags accompanied by a mini jewelry box with a mirror (my husband kept this one) and brunt hand written note for the extra flare. So much thought and effort is put into packaging here and I believe it’s from the creator’s luxury retail career of client satisfaction. The pieces from the shop are unisex and there is a women’s collection in the works which I’m ecstatic to get my hands on. The necklaces and bracelets I have purchased thus far bring a sense of empowerment to have a bold precious stone made from true authenticity.

I’m looking forward to seeing this beautiful gem of a shop grow as the goal is to expand to Latin America dipping into more cultural aspects of the countries. My friend/creator Tony hopes to incorporate pieces that have natural healing elements- a holistic vibe, and a mix of lux metals like silver and gold accents. I admire those who have taken the opportunity to make themselves a business and create their dream as now is the perfect timing in reminding us to live our life to the fullest following our passions and dreams. I highly respect those who show their artisan and share with those around them. As we move forward in this time of understanding the new normalcy, do not forget about those small businesses who have been looking for love and support as well. I will continue to share my fashion pieces from the collections as I look forward in continuing to support small businesses like this growing gem, TierraAzul.

***Friends supporting friends***

Shop TierraAzul – sale happening now through mid-June, shop Father’s Day coming up.

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