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My Strength & Motivation

The rush I feel going full speed ahead while taking in each breathe as I feel my heart racing, taking in my thoughts, hearing music in my ears, followed by a sense of drive and relaxation. This is where I found my happy place, the simplicity of running. I’ve been someone who has found strength and motivation through running as it’s my form of therapy for my mind, body, and soul. The feeling of being with my thoughts and taking in the scenery all at the same time has created this path for me with each stride I take.

During this time of quarantine, I invested in purchasing a treadmill for our home. I was running at the beach before everything happened and had just got back into a routine after having my baby. I took a year off from physically working out as my postpartum mind and body were not quite ready. I loved to run along the beach strand and take in the fresh air as I found relaxation. Running to me is a sweet escape where I could just let my mind wander. Even when pregnant I was running/walking until I was nine months. It’s a feeling of empowerment when I get my body moving and feel strength overall. These last couple of months I was missing the days of finding peace running at the beach, pushing my baby in the stroller as we had created new adventures together while enjoying Mother Nature. With everything going on today in our given world, I’m higher at risk and it has not been the easiest to venture into outdoor running. For the last month, I have been running on a treadmill (thanks to Amazon) and I’m very thankful to find myself feeling that sense of empowerment once again with my inner strength. I found my passion and motivation in getting my stride back into action even if it’s not under the sun as I typically love. My new view now is our backyard with the clear blue sky, greenery around, and most importantly watching my husband and daughter play together. I honestly love my new scenery as it reminds me of why I want to continue to strengthen myself. My family is the love of my life and I want to be one strong mother for them. I’m very grateful for my husband’s encouragement in helping create a space in our new home for us to have indoor exercising safely all while being a stay at home working mom right now. My baby gets to see me in action while I work on my strength and my husband has joined in on the party of working out at home.

I know running isn‘t for everyone and I feel fortunate that I do love it and have embraced the simplicity of something that makes me feel stronger and calm at the same time. I‘ve been asked before how I can be so optimistic and positive pretty much all the time. This reminds me of the movie “Legally Blonde” as it must be those happy endorphins. Whatever your drive and/or passion is, embrace it especially right now whether it be cooking, working out, teaching yourself something new or old, creating new ideas, simply follow that feeling. I know what keeps me motivated as I want to continue to build a stronger self for my family and teach my daughter to stay motivated with her passion and drive. I know I will continue to grow my inner strength and look forward to the days when I can run at the beach safely again.

Some family and friends had asked about my treadmill details. If interested in the treadmill I purchased on Amazon, here is the the title search: Asuna Space Saving Treadmill, Flat Folding With Speakers for AUX Audio Connection- 8730G

I am very much satisfied with this item as I'm all about space saving and efficiency. I was looking for a portable treadmill that had the best functions for my needs. This treadmill doubled in price a few weeks ago and I just noticed pricing has dropped. There are several good treadmills I saw on Amazon before I made my purchase. Go with your gut if buying a treadmill or any exercise equipment since it took me and my husband about two weeks to find best items with great pricing and availability. Stay safe and healthy family and friends.

Pics of the days running at the beach and park with my daughter to our new workout space at home. We really try to make the best out of current situation.

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