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Quarantine Workout Time With Baby

During this quarantine time, my silver lining has been being able to spend more time with my baby. As I started working full time about seven months ago, I was missing my time with my baby. I would reminisce on the times we spent together and the activities we would do in our week. Ever since I returned to work prior to the quarantine, I was fortunate enough to have a flexible work schedule in attending classes with her. Being a first time mom, I didn't want to miss any of these moments. Now that we are safer at home, I’m loving how we can stay connected virtually and participate in the activities we loved to do together again.

One of the first activities we got to do together was attend a MyGym Class I had learned about through my mommy and me class. MyGym is a fun children's activity center for children as early as six months through pre-teens. I was so excited to check out this class once she turned six months old. I was looking for an interactive class we could enjoy together and make new friends. We got to share the experience of being around other babies, meet new parents and create friendships with the instructors. Every week, we looked forward to participating in exercising, learned weekly skills catered to her age, played with friends, read, sang, danced and interacted with each other in a fun environment. We are now attending Virtual MyGym classes twice a week (offered everyday minus Sundays) and I love having designated time in seeing our friends and working out from home together. It's amazing how we can stay connected in continuing the fun! We still get to sing, dance and learn new skills everty time we tune in. I am someone who has enjoyed a good workout routine. With our class now, I have started to incorporate the skills I'm learning in my workout routines using Everly as my baby weight since she enjoys being part of the fun. We do lunges, squats, pushups, situps; you name it. The virtual class not only feels like a class for Everly, it’s our bonding time. I love how the instructors have shown us parents how to keep the little ones entertained during this time. My little one is still a baby, however it's great to find different ways of keeping her busy while making joyful memories.

As crazy as this world may seem right now, I am finding so much love and positivity knowing I am safer at home and spending time with my family. This life we live is precious and everyone has always told me how fast the little ones grow. I am very fortunate to be with my family and have built a great support system with our community. I think of all the parents and kids finding ways to keep busy right now. I do encourage parents and loved ones to reach out to your community and see if there is a virtual class right for you if needed at this time. I am thrilled I found mine and all the support we have received thus far. We live in a high technology driven world and we are definitely benefitting with staying connected with our family, friends and classmates.

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