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You Are Worth It! ItWorks!!!

Every morning you have 2 choices! Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them! We all have off days. But how awesome is this, every new day is another chance! We are given a new life every morning. Every day we are new. No matter what happened yesterday, today is completely a new day! My new day consists of learning a new business, taking control of my health, making connections on social media, shifting my mindset, being a #bossmom #bossbabe, encouraging others, and becoming a leader who chooses to develop and grow with each new day!

You may fear starting something new. And thats okay, that’s the challenge of getting out of the comfort zone. One of life’s greatest gifts is to keep growing and allowing yourself to take chances. They go hand and hand and I have never felt more motivated than I do now! I want to be the best I can be and say, “l truly made my dreams come true!” I’m grateful for this opportunity and excited to share my journey of my business of health and wellness. I’m growing, I’m learning, and I’m wanting to help others along the way.

It’s interesting as the years go by, you tend to evaluate your life. It’s like I give myself a report card even in my adult age. After I became a mom, I felt like I earned a huge A+. I felt like superhero and no one could stop me! Then parenting set in and I quickly realized how much time and energy goes into one little person. I adore my little one and the family we created. Fast forward a year later and I’m a working mom and dealing with this pandemic. My child is more active, my husband and I are working from home through this surreal time of 2020 and I’m trying not to lose my sanity from all the stress and anxiety. I started noticing on social media the women I grew close to in support/ engagement groups were making money and taking care of themselves. I couldn’t believe this new world I tapped into of marketing. I have marketing/sales experience in my corporate world and had not known about network marketing until recently! Let me tell you, I came across this company since I noticed friends using the products and wanted to try some myself since I was working on getting myself healthier. As I started to learn more about the products, I quickly realized I could help others with these items as well. I’m establishing a customer base thanks to family, friends, social media and working on helping others earn extra money in this given time. It’s such a risky time to start something new during a pandemic, however this is the time when people need each other and we can all use some positivity.

As for my journey with the health and wellness products I’ve been currently using, I’m feeling great about my improvement with my mind and body. Here are the product details, Benefits and my thoughts on each item so far.

Keto coffee-

  • Supports a low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle

  • Fuels you with instant energy—anywhere, anytime†

  • Helps you stay sharp, focused, and in a good mood†

  • Fights off hunger cravings to reduce eating between meals†

  • Non-GMO, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, Keto-friendly, Soy-free

What are ketones and what do they do?

The keto lifestyle relies on ketones, a high-energy fuel source and natural derivative of fat metabolism. When your body doesn't get enough carbs from food to make energy, your liver starts breaking down fat stored on your body instead. That's when ketones are made-to help power up your mind and body. Supporting your body with clean, quality fats-like those in It Works! Keto Coffee-allows it to create more ketones to support your low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic life.

My thoughts: I honestly am not a coffee drinker and so drink an occasional caramel frapp from Starbucks when I was in the office. I wanted to give keto coffee and a try and the taste surprised me. It has a buttery taste and easy for me to drink. The first few days I definitely noticed the change in energy. I didn’t have headaches and I did feel more focused which I need. People have commented I look thinner so I’m thinking keto plays a part in it. I drink it cold, mixing it with water and only 1 x every other day! I’m a fan!


  • Uniquely formulated with a blend of five types of collagen to help supplement your body's needs

  • Contains collagen peptides that activate Hyaluronic Acid production, helping skin stay plump and hydrated†

  • Uses essential vitamins to help maintain youthful, hydrated, glowing skin†

  • Vitamins A & C and Selenium help slow the appearance of aging skin by fighting oxidative stress from free-radicals†

  • Non-GMO, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, Keto-Friendly, Soy-Free

CollagenWorks is an on-the-go, beauty-boosting formula that uses a blend of advanced collagen proteins and peptides to hydrate, plump, and reveal greater skin from within.† It begins to work inside your body to support healthy joints, contribute to healthier-looking hair, and boost natural collagen production so you can look your best and keep your life moving.†

My thoughts- this is the product I was eyeing to order from the beginning before becoming a distributor. I have been hearing about collagen and needed to try some good stuff. This comes as a powder base flavored in tropical crush which I mix with my water or juice. I take this 1 x every other day. I’m a runner and get those occasional pains. Now that I’m not able to get a regular massage, I turned to collagen and it has really helped my knees, wrists and shoulders. I haven‘t gotten those leg pains after my runs which is so a relieve! As for my skin, the left side of my face started getting little bumps and I believe it’s from the stress of the pandemic. They are still there just not as noticeable which is great! I love not wearing makeup right now as I can see my skin glowing again. My hair seems to be fine even though I haven’t trimmed it or styled it much. I’m not losing as much hair which is an eye opener. I’ll report back as I continue to explore the results.

Skinny Greens On the Go-

  • Blends a balanced collection of nutrient-rich plants, minerals, and adaptogens

  • Uses exotic, naturally sourced superfoods from both land and sea

  • Includes Aquamin® mineralized seaweed extract and Coral Calcium, providing 74 trace minerals†

  • Enhanced with Calcium and Magnesium for balance and support†

  • Supports healthy pH, clean digestion, and balanced metabolism†

  • Non-GMO, keto-friendly, no artificial colors or flavors, soy-free

With an exotic blend of plants, veggies, and superfoods, It Works! Super Greens helps you fill in the gaps in your nutrition routine. While it’s not meant as a substitute for fresh vegetables, it supports balanced nutrition, healthy detox and immunity, and clean digestion†—so you can feel good about your choices.

My thoughts- what caught my eye about super greens is the healthy detox and clean digestion it provides. I do love and eat my veggies and wanted to add additional nutrients into my body. I picked the chocolate flavor so it’s like having a nice healthy chocolate shake. I take this 1x every day and don’t feel as bloated which is helpful in my day to day. There’s also Berry flavor too for those who aren’t chocolate fans.

These products have treated me well these past months and I’m looking forward to continuing to use these products plus new ones as I’m happy to share those results in the near future. These products were what I needed at this time as I began to think what was next for me and improving my overall self-care. I have more energy and focus these days which I definitely need working from home and being a wife and mother. I look forward to sharing my products with you and if you are interested in learning more about these products or others, I have a catalog of items for health, wellness, beauty and personal care I’m happy to share by messaging or can be found in my bio link. I’ve always felt like I’m someone who loves to help others and I love to see others happy and succeeding. Let me know how I can help YOU! Are you someone who wants to be healthier and achieve new goals, are you looking to make an extra source of income, do you want to inspire others or simply, all of the above?! I’m here, and I’m ready to help you on your journey. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

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